Money Transfer – Transferwise to Introduce Added Fees

Money transfer company TransferWise has announced that they are going to be introducing two types of additional fees, to help cover costs of 3rd party providers: From 3 October 2018, there will be an additional 1 AUD fee when you pay with POLi (from Australia) From 1 December 2018, there will be an additional fee […]

Transferring Money – TransferWise Removed Same-Currency Transfer Fees

The money transfer provider TransferWise has removed fees to move money from your TransferWise Borderless Account into a bank account of the same currency. It does not matter if the money is being sent to your account, or someone else’s. Some currencies, ZAR, NPR, CNY, THB, PHP, CLP, PEN, MAD or RUB still have a small […]