Grupeer updates clients on its issues with deposits.

P2P Investments – Grupeer Sorts Out Its Deposit Issues

Those that have tried to send money through to Grupeer in the last couple of weeks may have faced issues with deposits reaching the platform. The Problem The problem isn’t fully specified, but we do know some details. Grupeer swapped payment systems at the start of March 2019. They entered into an agreement with ONPEX […]

Grupeer Collateral Loan Protection

Alternate Investments – Grupeer Introduces Collateral Loan Protection

Grupeer has introduced a new type of protection to their loans – collateral loan protection. Collateral loan protection means that a loan is fully covered by property or other assets that a borrower offers for security. In addition to the buyback guarantee, this new security protects the loan (and your investment). Look for loans with […]

Grupeer new loan originator 1% campaign

Alternate Investments – 1% cashback on all new loan originators announced

Grupeer has announced a 1% cashback offer on all loans issued by new loan originators, listed on the platform. The announcement comes after Grupeer has welcomed DoZarplati, a new loan originator from Russia. The cashback is apart of the “Warm Grupeer Welcome”, which will last for 7 days after a loan originator joins the Grupeer […]

Alternate Investments – Grupeer Auto-Invest Feature Updated

Grupeer has improved their Auto-Invest tool and now users can: Invest through multiple Auto-Invest strategies Prioritise settings on order of strategies Select loan type, country, partner, payment and schedule type. More on the product and features of Grupeer can be found here.

Alternate Investments – Amortizing Loans to be Introduced in Grupeer

Grupeer has just announced that amortizing loans will soon be available through the Grupeer platform. Currently, Grupeer pays out interest monthly, then pays out all of the principal at the end of the loan. Introducing amortization means that principal and interest would be paid out monthly. The introduction of amortization will: reduce risk, as principal […]

Alternate Investments – Grupeer Stability Fund to be Launched

Grupeer have announced that they are going to release the “Grupeer Stability Fund” soon. The Grupeer Stability Fund allows investors to literally buy a fractional investment in an office building or other development project. After investment, the investor will receive stable rental income from 4%-8% yearly. The goal of the stability fund is to target […]

Alternate Investments – Grupeer P2P Platform to Undergo Big Changes

Grupeer has introduced a new website to allow further upgrades in the system, and have specified that they will soon be adding: Grupeer Statistics Loan Originator Information Investor’s Cabinet The Grupeer Stability Fund Improved functionality of Auto-Invest. See more on the Grupeer website here.