Mintos P2P Platform Review (2019)


So, you have decided that you want to invest in P2P loans, or you want to find out some more information about what P2P loans are? Well you have come to the right place.

A P2P investment account is classed as an alternative investment (compared to things such as share trading, term deposits etc). What is P2P investing you ask? P2P means peer to peer (i.e. from me to you) and allows one a person to take a loan from another person, This means that you bypass a bank or other official financial institution. The result – better loan interest rates for the borrower, and a higher investment interest rate return for the investor. These returns can be much higher than interest, term deposits and other financial investments.

About Mintos

Mintos ( launched in 2015, and classes itself as a global online marketplace for loans. At the time of writing (May 2018), Mintos facilitates 39 loan originators which operate in 22 countries. These countries include: United Kingdom, Poland, Armenia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Latvia, Georgia, Colombia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Russia Federation, Romania, and Botswana among others. Mintos also allows investments in multiple currencies including, among others: US Dollar, Euro, British pound, Swedish krona, Danish krone, Russian ruble, Georgia lari. Mintos also offers a currency exchange (for a fee) within the platform. These fees save you from having to have multiple bank accounts in multiple currencies. However, you may be able to integrate a TransferWise account into this as well.

So far, the average net annual return for investors on the Mintos platform is over 11%, with more than 127,000 investors registered. Each investor has an average investment of over 4,500 Euro.

Mintos also has a secondary market, where people can buy or sell their part in a loan for a discount or a premium, allowing for you to achieve an even higher return.

Mintos Statistics

  • Mintos Marketplace AS, the Joint stock company was founded in Latvia in June 2015
  • The Mintos investment base has over 140,000+ investors from 73 countries
  • The yearly average return to investors stands at 12%
  • Over €2,500,000,000 has been invested in loans over the platform.

Register now with Mintos. Use this link to receive a bonus 1% cashback on investments made within the first 90 days after registration.

Expected Returns from a Mintos P2P Investment Account

I have been investing in Mintos for a couple of months now, and you can see from my investment summary below the types of diversification, and types of regular payments you can get.

I have been careful with only using an amount that I was happy loosing. From the below picture, you can see that I have earnt an average of 16.3% so far investing in Euro p2p loans, and have earnt over 19% from investing in Georgian Lari (GEL) p2p loans. As you can see from the picture below I have created diversification by spreading out my loans into 70 or more different people per currency. If you have a loan that reaches 60 days without receiving a payment, you will get your money returned to you with the buyback guarantee supplied by the loan originator. As I always choose to invest with a buyback guarantee.

It is important to do your own due diligence. Recently one of the loan originators, Eurocent, ran into problems. A Temporary Judicial Supervisor was appointed to verify the financial standing of the company and help with debt restructuring. More can be found on the Mintos website here.

Mintos Auto-Invest Strategy

As with other P2P investment platforms (Bondora, Grupeer etc.), Mintos offers an automatic reinvestment tool, termed “auto-invest”. The reinvestment feature allows investors to set automatic investments according to set criteria. Investors can choose either one of the Mintos investment strategies, or use a custom strategy and choose their own settings. The tool works both in the primary and secondary markets.

Mintos pre defined auto investment strategy tools

If investors choose to use a custom strategy, the tool allows investors to choose:

  • Currency
  • Market (primary or secondary)
  • Loan originators (based on country, buyback, loan type, rating etc)
  • Interest rate
  • Terms remaining
  • Portfolio size
  • Investment amount per single loan
  • Reinvestment
  • Whether to reinvest their earnings
  • Whether to invest in loans already invested in
  • Diversification settings*

*The diversification feature will automatically set equal investment limits across each loan originator included in the portfolio. You can read more on the Mintos website here.

Auto-investment features can be created, updated and deleted at any time. Investors are also able to browse and invest manually while running the auto investment strategy

Invest & Access

In June 2019 Mintos released their newest auto investment tool Invest & Access. The new tool allows you to invest in all loans on the Mintos platform and cash out your portfolio at any stage. When your ready to sell, the platform will automatically (within a few minutes) sell your loans to other investors using Invest & Access. If you have a loan that is “late” for payments, these will only be sold once they recover, or the buyback covers the amount. If the Mintos marketplace experiences abnormal conditions (i.e. global recession), it may take longer to receive your money.

Invest & Access only invests in loans with a rating of A+ to C-, those that have buyback guarantees associated with them, and loans from originators that have been on the platform for at least 6 months. All investments are fully diversified across current loans available on the platform, and profiles are rebalanced daily.

Loans through Mintos are offered first through the Invest & Access, then through the Auto-invest tool, then through the primary market.

Read my full Invest & Access review here.

There are no fees and average returns are estimated at 11.75%.

Mintos Secondary Market

The Mintos secondary market is a place where investors can sell their investments to other investors.

The secondary market allows:

  • increased liquidity, by allowing investors to sell out of a loan before the loan period is up
  • increased revenues, by allowing investors to sell loans at a premium to their original value
  • potential investors more options for purchasing loans
  • potential investors to buy secondary loans at a discount to their original value.

The secondary market is very active with investments sold in 2018 totalling over €4,500,000.

Mintos Pro Investors

Mintos offers investors the chance to become Pro-Investors. A pro-investor is someone who has an investment portfolio with a minimum of €50,000 or equivalent. The benefits of being a pro investor include:

  • A personal investment account manager, tasked to help you with your needs or questions.
  • Limited Edition offers, such as early access to new features (i.e. Auto Invest on the Secondary Market)
  • Custom made investment reports
  • Top priority customer support.

Refer A Friend Bonus

Mintos Referral Program Bonus Structure

Mintos has a “Refer a Friend” bonus program that is for new investors who are friends of currently registered investors. Currently investors have earnt more than € 300,000 through the referral program. Referral Bonuses are paid out according to the amounts invested 14 days after registration.
Outstanding investment at the end of the Bonus Period:

  • € 10,000+             = a bonus 1%, up to € 1,000
  • € 5,000                  = a bonus € 60
  • € 2,500                  = a bonus € 30
  • € 1,000                  = a bonus € 20
  • € 500                     = a bonus € 10

The bonus will be paid out 10 days after the end of the bonus period.

The bonus will be applied to both the new investor, as well as the referring investor. Please note, the bonuses are paid out from Mintos, and no money is passed from the new investor to the referring investor.

Through the terms and conditions of the referral program, Mintos has specified that links cannot be shared on public websites or used outside closed circles. If you are interested in the code, please email me!

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Please note: Before investing in anything do your own due diligence and research. Nothing in this article is financial advice. Just one man trying to share his working and investing experiences!