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On this page I have compiled my overall returns for the year 2020 (in interactive graphs and tables) to show you how my investments are performing. This overview also shows you what rates (i.e. direct yield) each of the various Crowdfunding and P2P investment platforms have returned.

Come back regularly as this page is updated each month. Also, check out the monthly updates as they show more detailed information about how my investments perform each month!!

Monthly Updates

Below you will also be able to view each of my monthly updates to see a more detailed analysis.

Progress Towards Financial Freedom

This is my main chart, showing my progress towards financial freedom! It’s one of the main reasons why I have this blog today. Being able to track this each month keeps me focused on my goal of becoming financially independent!

The above graph is not related to net wealth, but instead total investments.

As I am planning to reach my goal (i.e. 100%) within 20 years, I have laid down a guiding path based on my expected returns and estimates. I have set a very conservative estimate of 20 years to become financially independent, as I am currently aggressively paying off the house, and raising a (very) young family. Once the mortgage is paid off (within 8 years), I expect to really hit the accelerator on my investments. This graph will change regularly with new information and calculations etc.

Below I show the same graph but dialed down into data specifically from this year (i.e. 2020). The fall between 2019 and January 2020 was due to the issues with Kuetzal and Envestio. I have put these both down as a loss in the graph, however, I am expecting that some money will return as some projects were real.

Overall Asset Allocation

The below charts show the level of diversification that I have for my portfolio as a whole, and then the diversification I have between the different P2P Investment and crowdfunding platforms.

Combined P2P Interest (2020)

The graphs above provide the stacked returns that I have made (per month) through each of the P2P investment platforms that I invest in (Mintos, Bondora, Grupeer, Rate Setter (AU), Fast Invest, Crowdestor, and Reinvest24). Each month is marked in a separate colour, and the total investment can be seen on the bottom axis. The average investment return has also been included. Click on the graph to see more details.

Monitoring Your Returns

It it extremely important to monitor your financial progress , otherwise how do you know how much money you have made? Monitoring your progress allows:

  1. Performance tracking over time – where you sit compared to your financial goals, how you compare to others, and expectations of investments.
  2. Monitoring of outflows – outflows include fees or payments that may occur. Generally P2P platforms have no fees, however, there can be fees for currency conversions, and purchasing second hand P2P loans.
  3. Continual adjustments – It is important to diversify investments taking into account investment types, platforms and countries. By creating financial overviews, you can see if you are to exposed in a certain area.

Raw Data

I have also provided the data in a table format. The table can be set in ascending or descending order to easily see each months investment.

Yearly Summary

You can find all of my monthly updates in the yearly summaries below.

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