Using the Kuetzal promo code, investors can get €15 as a bonus when signing up to the platform

Exclusive €15 Kuetzal Promo Code

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The newest European P2P Platform Kuetzal has launched its referral program to new investors. The program allows new investors to receive higher rates of interest on their investment. In addition to the referral, readers of The Working At Home Man can get a Kuetzal promo code to use for an extra bonus.

Exclusive to the readers of The Working At Home Man, I have managed to obtain a new promo code that will run for a further 3 months. Now, if you use WAHMAN as your (exclusive) Kuetzal promo code, you will also receive a bonus € 15 in your account. Offer expires April 30, 2020

How do I use the Kuetzal Promo Code?

If you register using this link and enter WAHMAN in the promo code during registration, you will receive a bonus:

  • € 15 for signing up
  • 0.5% of your investment made within 180 days.

All referrals are calculated and paid out automatically.

Note: the exclusive WAHMAN Kuetzal referral promo code will only last until 30/4/20


Kuetzal is also running a cashback offer until 31 August 2019. This means that investors can also gain up to 3% on top of their invested money.

The cash-back works as follows:

  • 1% cashback if investing €1,000 to €4,999
  • 1.5% cashback if investing €5,000 to €9,999
  • 2% cashback if investing €10,000 to €24,999
  • 2.5% cashback if investing €25,000 to €49,999
  • 3% cashback if investing €50,000 +

The offer applies to all projects, even those that were published before the offer was released. Cashback is automatically added to your account after each investment.

Can I Combine the Kuetzal promo code, CASHBACK and referral?

Yes of course!

0.5% bonus with the link, €15 using code WAHMAN, and up to 3% cashback bonus on top.

How much can I earn with the Kuetzal offers?

As all 3 offers are able to be combined, it makes sense to see how much you can make from combining these. Currently, the highest paying project on Kuetzal is paying out 21%.

If you were to sign up using the code WAHMAN, you would gain a bonus €15

Starting Balance: €15

If you invest €50,000 and the bonus €15 in the current highest paying project (21% with a buyback), you would receive interest of €10,503.15

Interest on Initial money = €10,503.15 (€50,015 * 21%)

After investing with the link above you would receive a 3.5% bonus (0.5% from the link, 3% from the offer). 

Bonus amount = €1,750.50 (€50,015 * 3.5%)

After investing the bonus amount in the same project, you would receive interest of €367.60

Interest on bonus = €367.60 (€1750.5 * 21%)

Adding all of those together

  • Promo Bonus = €15
  • Initial Investment = €50,000
  • 21% Return on Initial investment = €10,503.15
  • Cashback from link (0.5%) and offer (3%) = €1,750.50
  • 21% return on cashback = €367.60

Total = €62,636.25, or equal to a return of 25.3% a year, or 2% a month

Not too bad for a years work?

Other examples of lesser investment values are 

  • €1,000 = 24.63%/year
  • €5,000 = 23.78%/year
  • €10,000 = 24.21%/year
  • €25,000 = 24.70%/year

What this means for the referring investor:

Kuetzal will pay the referring investor a small percentage of the total investment made within the 180-day period. This money does not come from the new investor, but from the Kuetzal platform. More from the Kuetzal website here.

Find a full review of the platform here. Here are the key points:

Mini Kuetzal Review

Kuetzal ( is an Estonian crowdfunding platform, which connects businesses to investors. Kuetzal only offers a few projects (<10) in industries such as cryptocurrency, real estate, health startups, and transport. Projects typically seek between € 100,000 and €3,000,000 in funding.

  • Interest Rate: Up to 21%
  • Minimum investment amount: 100 €
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 10 €
  • Investment Protections: Buyback guarantee (on selected projects), Secured investments, Kuetzal Care, Investment Buyback
  • Residency requirements: none
  • Fees to Investors: None

As with other P2P platforms and investments, I recommend using the money transfer companies that I use: TransferWise or Revolut.

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