Alternate Investments – Mintos to launch Auto Invest for Secondary Market

Mintos has announced that they will release an auto invest feature on their secondary market from 3 December 2018. If you would like early access to the new tool, you will need to meet one of the below criteria: Refer-a-friend – Invite two friends between 19 October – 14 November, and have both of the […]

Money Transfer – Transferwise to Introduce Added Fees

Money transfer company TransferWise has announced that they are going to be introducing two types of additional fees, to help cover costs of 3rd party providers: From 3 October 2018, there will be an additional 1 AUD fee when you pay with POLi (from Australia) From 1 December 2018, there will be an additional fee […]

Alternate Investments – Grupeer Stability Fund to be Launched

Grupeer have announced that they are going to release the “Grupeer Stability Fund” soon. The Grupeer Stability Fund allows investors to literally buy a fractional investment in an office building or other development project. After investment, the investor will receive stable rental income from 4%-8% yearly. The goal of the stability fund is to target […]

Alternate Investments – Grupeer P2P Platform to Undergo Big Changes

Grupeer has introduced a new website to allow further upgrades in the system, and have specified that they will soon be adding: Grupeer Statistics Loan Originator Information Investor’s Cabinet The Grupeer Stability Fund Improved functionality of Auto-Invest. See more on the Grupeer website here.

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Global Finance – Upcoming Financial Crisis 2020

J.P Morgan Chase & Co has developed a model to estimate the time and severity of the next financial crisis. Results of the model show that it is estimated that the financial crisis will hit in 2020, but will however be less severe than the one experienced in 2008. The model was built using degrees […]

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Alternate Investments – Mintos Company Ratings Introduced

Mintos has released a new ratings feature, that rates each of the loan originators offering loans on the Mintos marketplace. The new rating feature on Mintos, is meant to show determine the financial and operational stability of a loan originator. The characteristics used to determine the rating include financial profile, operating environment, company profile, management […]

Financial Literacy – 7 Ways to Stop Losing Sleep Over Money

Forbes has released seven methods that can be implemented to stop you worrying about money, especially when you are trying to sleep. The methods include (among other things): understanding root causes of your money understanding your finances and where your money is going setting up potential automation of money services building an emergency fund development […]

Financial Literacy – 5 Money Concepts That Should Be Known Before Graduating College

Forbes has released a list of five money concepts that should be understood by those graduating college, who want to take control of their finances. The 5 concepts include: defining your attitudes towards money setting financial goals developing a good credit rating and history understanding investing and retirement planning becoming a savvy consumer. More here.

Alternate Investments – Potential P2P Regulation Proposals

The Financial Conduct Authority in the UK has released the Loan-based (‘peer-to-peer’) and investment-based crowdfunding platforms: Feedback on our post-implementation review and proposed changes to the regulatory framework consultation paper. Proposals include changes to peer-to-peer (P2P) promotions, which may now target sophisticated investors, high net worth investors, those under advisement from authorised people and others […]