Alternate Investments: African Rain Harvesting Ponds. Supporting Local Communities

Investing in Rain Harvesting Ponds in Africa

Call me crazy, but I have just invested in rain harvesting ponds in Africa. Wait, what? Isn’t half of Africa a desert, and currently in a drought? Yes and yes. Find out below why I invested in rain harvesting ponds in Africa, and how you can as well. ContentsThe ProblemThe SolutionPond InformationLocal ImpactHow Much Does […]

Agrikaab Review (2019) – Agricultural Investments in East Africa

ContentsWhat is AgrikaabAgrikaab StatisticsLocal ImpactProjects on Offer – (Water Ponds, Camel Farms, Greenhouses, Stores)Creating Agrikaab AccountAgrikaab Review What is Agrikaab? Agrikaab (formally is an agrifood startup enabling investment in agriculture in East Africa. The company was founded by Mohamed Jimale, a former nomad from Somalia. In 2010 Mohamed moved to Sweden as a refuge. […]