Wisefund Platform Review

Wisefund Crowdlending Platform Review (2020)

What Is Wisefund? Wisefund is a crowdlending investment platform, providing a connection between businesses requiring financing and investors. Investors can be attracted to such loans as they provide a much higher than interest compared to a bank account. Wisefund currently offers various investments with returns ranging from 5% to 21%. Check out my Wisefund review …

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The Swedish Investingsparkskonto (ISK) Flat Taxed Account

The Swedish Investingsparkskonto (ISK) Account

Do you live and pay tax in Sweden? Do you want to reduce your taxable income? Then this article can hopefully help you understand the Swedish Investingsparkskonto (ISK) Account. What is the Swedish ISK account? The Swedish Investingsparkskonto (InvestingSparksKonto = Investment Savings Account) account is a flat taxed investment account that was released by the …

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Peer To Peer Lending compared to Crowdfunding compared to Crowdlending

Peer to Peer Lending vs Crowdfunding vs Crowdlending vs P2B

The terminology around various alternate investment terms can be confusing. For example, what is the difference between peer to peer lending vs crowdlending? How is this then different from crowdfunding? Hopefully, I can clear up the differences in terminologies. Peer to Peer Lending vs Crowdlending Peer to Peer Lending and Crowdlending refer to the same …

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Agrikaab Review (2020) - Agricultural Investments in East Africa

Agrikaab Review (2020) – Agricultural Investments in East Africa

What is Agrikaab? Agrikaab (formally Ari.farm) is an agrifood startup enabling investment in agriculture in East Africa. The company was founded by Mohamed Jimale, a former nomad from Somalia. In 2010 Mohamed moved to Sweden as a refuge. In 2016 Somalia faced a terrible drought that impacted the lives of many nomads. The nomads lost …

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Kuetzal - One of the emerging peer to peer platforms in Europe that is offering high yielding investment opportunities.

Kuetzal P2P Platform Review (2019)

Sunday 12 January 2020 Important email message from Kuetzal recieved: Kuetzal has announced that its winding-down Unfortunately all investors that have put money into Kuetzal, recieved a letter today announcing a wind-down of processes. This is disappointing and also worrying news for current investors who have placed thousands of euros in their care. What will …

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Investment choices

3 Great Mintos Alternatives You Should Know About

The Mintos marketplace for loans currently has over 250,000 loans available from more than 60 loan originators. Each of these loan originators has its own ratings, loan types, buyback guarantees, and other various attributes. If you are new to P2P investing, all of these options can be intimidating.  Here are 3 Mintos alternatives that you …

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