August 2018 – Investment Returns

My portfolio of investment return for July 2018 is below. This is the first post about returns and hence there are no returns to show you this month. Investment Type Account Value Aug 2018 (Standardised) Account Value Sep 2018 (Standardised) Additional Investment Past Month Return Mintos (EUR) 0.628 N/A N/A N/A Mintos (GEL) 0.471 N/A […]

Alternate Investments – Bondora unleashes Go & Gro

Bondora has launched a new investment product called Go & Gro. The new product is an automated tool for investing in p2p loans. Some of the advantages include instant liquidity (access your money at any time), a highly diversified portfolio, tax effecient as you only pay tax when you make a withdrawal, and an estimated […]

Pensions – Australian Industry Funds Outperform Retail Funds Again

Superannuation fund performance results for 2017-18 has been released, and industry superannuation funds have yet again outperformed retail superannuation funds. The industry funds returned 10.3%, which was 1.3% more than the retail funds. If you earn superannuation through your Australian work, it could be an idea to review which fund you belong to, and potentially […]

Transferring Money – TransferWise Removed Same-Currency Transfer Fees

The money transfer provider TransferWise has removed fees to move money from your TransferWise Borderless Account into a bank account of the same currency. It does not matter if the money is being sent to your account, or someone else’s. Some currencies, ZAR, NPR, CNY, THB, PHP, CLP, PEN, MAD or RUB still have a small […]

Alternate Investments – Mintos Refer a Friend Campaign is Back!

Mintos has launched its 1% referral campaign again, rewarding new investors with a bonus 1% on their investments if they use a referral link. The bonus is calculated on the daily invested balance over a three month period (and then paid to you in 3 installments). Get in quick, the offer is only valid until 6 […]

Reinvest in Mintos – How to Filter out Unwanted Loans

I have just shown you how you can have investment returns of over 15% by investing in Minos a peer to peer (p2p) investing marketplace (see here if you missed it). Now I will show you how you can use those earnings to reinvest in Mintos.

Creating Your Website – Newest Chrome Update and Security

When Google Chrome is released in July 2018, one of the biggest updates will be that HTTP sites are now treated as ‘Not Secure’. This means that people are less likely to enter any information on your pages. To ensure that you don’t miss out on extra views, make your website HTTPS compliant. More here.

Saving – 3 Personal Saving and Investing Tips

The money you earn freelancing is not as “controlled” as money that was paid from an employer. Usually there are no long-term investment options (super, 401K, or pension savings) or other employee benefits. Forbes has listed 3 essential personal saving and investing tips to help freelancers. The tips include, developing an emergency fund (for the […]