Overall, the Baltic region’s House Affordability Index (HAI) has increased, meaning more and more people can afford to buy a home for themselves

Economy – Baltic States Economy Report Released

Economy – Baltic States Economy Report Released Reinvest24 has released a report on the state of the economy in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). The report has identified that: Estonia ranks 3rd in the European region for economic freedom The Housing Affordability Index has increased. This means that more people can purchase houses, […]

Go & Grow works as easily as (if not easier than) traditional investment methods whilst giving you an impressive return of 6.75%* p. a. You simply add money to the account, then you can view and track your return on a daily basis. What’s more, there is no minimum term to hold your investment— meaning you can liquidate your account with ease

Alternate Investments – Bondora Go & Grow Updates Released

Bondora have announced some new features to there Go & Grow product. Now, users: have access to a new dashboard can make withdrawals directly into bank accounts have alternate options to add money into their accounts can see an improved user interface. The January quarterly update showing the performance of the Go & Grow product […]

Mintos announced that they have received over EUR 1.5 billion invested in loans and have over 100,000 registered investors.

Alternate Investments – Mintos milestones released

Mintos has announced that they have hit two new milestones at the start of 2019. Mintos announced that they have received over EUR 1.5 billion invested in loans and have over 100,000 registered investors. This compares to P2P investment company Bondora who have 46,000 investors and EUR 179 million in investments. Looking forward, Mintos is […]

January 2019 Update – Investment Returns

Hello All! Happy New Year! My portfolio of investment returns for December 2018 is below. *All values have been brought back to EUR and have been standardised. The important thing is to not show you how much I am investing per se, rather how much return is possible each month. The past month: This past […]

Alternate Investments – Ratesetter (AU) Early Access of Funds Introduced

RateSetter (AU) has introduced a new tool which will allow early access of money invested in 3- and 5-year lending markets. Investors will be able to exit an investment before the end of their term, provided there is enough money from other investors to fund the loan, and enough money remaining in the system. The […]

December 2018 Update – Investment Returns

My portfolio of investment returns for November 2018 is below. Platform Nov 18* Dec 18* Deposits / Withdrawals Month Return Mintos (EUR) 0.393 0.346 -0.050 0.82% Mintos (GEL) 0.228 0.230 0.000 1.13% Bondora 0.315 0.322 0.000 2.42% Grupeer 0.212 0.217 0.003 1.24% RateSetter (AU) 0.322 0.324 0.000 0.71% Envestio 0.120 0.122 0.000 1.69% Crowd Estate 0.201 0.302 […]

Alternate Investments – Grupeer Auto-Invest Feature Updated

Grupeer has improved their Auto-Invest tool and now users can: Invest through multiple Auto-Invest strategies Prioritise settings on order of strategies Select loan type, country, partner, payment and schedule type. More on the product and features of Grupeer can be found here.

Alternate Investments – IBAN Accounts Through Mintos Announced

Mintos has raised €5 Million to provide users with personal IBAN accounts and debit cards. The IBAN account will allow investors to make and receive payments from around the world, including receiving a salary directly into Mintos. The debit card will allow investors to make transactions around the world or online, and withdraw money at […]