Million Dollar Club Title Picture

Joining the Million Dollar Club

What is the Million Dollar Club? The Million Dollar Club is a club created by J Money from Budgets are Sexy. The intention is to create a list of realistic goals that need to be reached, for you to reach millionaire status. The purpose behind the club is to write your goals down, to remind […]

Earn real cryptocurrency from playing Crypto Idle Miner

Earn HORA Tokens From Playing Mobile Games

Recently I have come across a game that provides cryptocurrency based rewards (HORA Tokens) depending on your skill level. How neat is that!? If you’re not into “idle type” games, then this may not be for you. However, if you are interested in games that earn you free cryptocurrency (even while you’re offline), then read […]

June 2019 Update – Investment Returns

In May my P2P and crowdfunding investment profile returned an average of 0.91%. These highest of these returns came from: Envestio (+1.5%) Bondora (+1.17%) Fast Invest (+1.14%). Quick Summary The main items that happened this month include: Lendy (big European P2P player) entering into Administration Investing in water infrastructure in Somalia. Africa New investments through […]

Europe's Leading Peer to Peer Secured Property Lending Platforms Enters Administration

Leading P2P Lending Platform Lendy Enters Administration

Click here for the most recent update (04 June 2019) The original article below is from 27 May. Lendy (not to be confused with Lendo – a Mintos P2P originator) has announced it has been forced into Administration. On court orders by the Financial Court Authority (FCA) on 24 May 2019, a restructuring agency has […]

Alternate Investments: African Rain Harvesting Ponds. Supporting Local Communities

Investing in Rain Harvesting Ponds in Africa

Call me crazy, but I have just invested in rain harvesting ponds in Africa. Wait, what? Isn’t half of Africa a desert, and currently in a drought? Yes and yes. Find out below why I invested in rain harvesting ponds in Africa, and how you can as well. The Problem Agriculture represents 75% of Somalia’s […]

Agrikaab Review (2019) – Agricultural Investments in East Africa

What is Agrikaab? Agrikaab (formally is an agrifood startup enabling investment in agriculture in East Africa. The company was founded by Mohamed Jimale, a former nomad from Somalia. In 2010 Mohamed moved to Sweden as a refuge. In 2016 Somalia faced a terrible drought that impacted the lives of many nomads. The nomads lost […]

May 2019 Update – Investment Returns

This past month has seen my P2P investment profile return an average of 0.99%. This month my highest returns were through Envestio (+1.56%) Bondora (+1.48%) Mintos(GEL) (+1.44%). I would like to apologise for the lateness of this update. I have had family over for the last couple of weeks and have been travelling around Scotland […]

April 2019 Update – Investment Returns

In March my P2P profile grew by an average of 0.86%. This month my highest returns were through Bondora (1.88%), Envestio (1.36%) and Fast Invest (1.22%). There were no surprises this month. Everything seems to be ticking along nicely. Let’s get into the investment returns: Mintos As you can see from the graphs and table, […]

Mintos Referral Program Bonus Structure

P2P Investments – Mintos Announces Continuous Referral Program

Mintos has recently announced that its “Refer a Friend” bonus program will now run continuously. The “refer a friend” program offers between € 10 and € 1000 for each new investor that joins Mintos using a referral code. The bonus will be applied to both the new investor, as well as the referring investor. Please […]

Using the Kuetzal promo code, investors can get €15 as a bonus when signing up to the platform

Exclusive €15 Kuetzal Promo Code

Click here to skip to combining offers to maximise returns The newest European P2P Platform Kuetzal has launched its referral program to new investors. The program allows new investors to receive higher rates of interest on their investment. In addition to the referral, readers of The Working At Home Man can get a Kuetzal promo […]