Earn Basic Attention Tokens from using the Brave browser

Why I Switched to the Brave Browser: Privacy + Rewards

With the rise of advertising on the internet, everyone is trying to make money. There are many groups that need to be accounted for such as advertisers, publishers, content creators, and the other various middlemen. From there comes the countless trackers, instances of fraud and misuse of personal data for corporate gain! Some of the […]

September 2019 Update – Investment Returns

In August my P2P and Crowdfunding investment profile returned an average of 1.28%. These highest of these returns came from: Kuetzal (+1.66%) Crowdestor (+1.59%) Grupeer (+1.43%). Quick Summary The main items that happened this month include: $100 worth of free cryptocurrency through Coinbase Earn Investing through a new platform – Monethera Being accepted into a […]