Earning cryptocurrency for free is easy with Coinbase Earn

Earn Free Cryptocurrency with Coinbase Earn

Would you like to earn $130 worth of Cryptocurrency for watching and learning about the blockchain (~20 mins worth of videos)? If so, you should take a look at Coinbase Earn. What is Coinbase Earn? Coinbase Earn is a learning platform developed by Coinbase. The platform seeks to create an open financial system, where everyone […]

10 open source software packages useful for those who want the quality of premium versions, without the pricetag

10 Free Open Source Software Programs (2019)

Whether your building your own website, working at home, trying to save money, or looking to use premium software without the price tag, then you should be aware of these must-have pieces of open source software. You could be saving up to $980 each year! What is Open Source Software? Open source software is a […]

Peer To Peer Lending compared to Crowdfunding compared to Crowdlending

Peer to Peer Lending vs Crowdfunding vs Crowdlending vs P2B

The terminology around various alternate investment terms can be confusing. For example, what is the difference between peer to peer lending vs crowdlending? How is this then different from crowdfunding? Hopefully, I can clear up the differences in terminologies. Peer to Peer Lending vs Crowdlending Peer to Peer Lending and Crowdlending refer to the same […]

August 2019 Update – Investment Returns

In July my P2P and Crowdfunding investment profile returned an average of 1.29%. These highest of these returns came from: Kuetzal (+2.07%) Crowdestor (+1.62%) Bondora (+1.36%). Quick Summary The main items that happened this month include: My review of Crowdestor First money from Reinvest24 coming in My free cryptocurrency going up 40%! Passive Income P2P […]