Fast Invest has redeveloped their website to create a more user-friendly experience. The new platform has been developed to be easy to navigate and engaging, with new features including:

  • Business Accounts – Opportunities to register a business account and invest as a company.
  • Refer a Friend Referral System – Investors can now receive a bonus when signing up new investors. Both the new investor and referrer will receive a set fee after the new investor keeps at least € 200 invested for 90 days.
  • Auto Invest v2.0 – Redesigned and redeveloped for efficiency.
  • Export functions – Ability to download income and account statements into PDF formats.
  • QR Code Upload – Upload documents with QR codes.
  • Statistics module – New interface charting your account performance, including planned interest and earnings.
  • New Design – Modernised design of the website.
  • Updated Security – Changes have been made to secure the website.
  • User login from new device alert – including the OS, browser, IP address and country details.

To find out how the new features look, have a look at my updated Fast Invest review.

Fast Invest currently offer 9-16% return with buyback and moneyback guarantees. If you use this link and invest € 200 for a minimum of 90 days, you will receive a bonus € 10 (that’s equal to 20% p.a.). There are no deposit or withdrawal fees. More here.


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