Overall, the Baltic region’s House Affordability Index (HAI) has increased, meaning more and more people can afford to buy a home for themselves

Economy – Baltic States Economy Report Released

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Economy – Baltic States Economy Report Released

Reinvest24 has released a report on the state of the economy in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). The report has identified that:

  • Estonia ranks 3rd in the European region for economic freedom
  • The Housing Affordability Index has increased. This means that more people can purchase houses, and indicates the economy is developing
  • Estonian start-ups have increased profits each year since 2011 and have received record profits in 2018. These profits also help drive the economy
  • Annual average net wage growth increased between 8-10%
  • Estonian government investments continue to drive economic growth
  • Economic growth in the region has increased to 4.2% year over year.

In summary, the report provides a good outlook for the economy of the Baltic States. This bodes well for large crowdfunding and P2P investments from platforms that invest in the region, such as Crowd Estate, Envestio, Grupeer, Crowdestor and Reinvest24. The average total combined return is 14.6% on Reinvest24. More here.

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