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Global Finance – Upcoming Financial Crisis 2020

J.P Morgan Chase & Co has developed a model to estimate the time and severity of the next financial crisis. Results of the model show that it is estimated that the financial crisis will hit in 2020, but will however be less severe than the one experienced in 2008. The model was built using degrees […]

finance news, other news, making money

Alternate Investments – Mintos Company Ratings Introduced

Mintos has released a new ratings feature, that rates each of the loan originators offering loans on the Mintos marketplace. The new rating feature on Mintos, is meant to show determine the financial and operational stability of a loan originator. The characteristics used to determine the rating include financial profile, operating environment, company profile, management […]

September 2018 Update – Investment Returns

  My portfolio of investment returns for the month of August 2018 is below. Investment Type Aug 2018 (Standardised*) Sep 2018 (Standardised) Additional Past Month Return Money In Money Out Mintos (EUR) 0.628 0.529 0.000 0.107 1.25% Mintos (GEL) 0.472 0.574 0.095 0.000 1.56% Bondora 0.297 0.301 0.000 0.000 1.35% Grupeer 0.011 0.030 0.019 0.000 […]